• “For a brief moment, my husband and I considered packing up our house by ourselves. Then we came to our senses and hired PackUp, and I am SO GLAD! Theresa, Hayley and their team were incredibly meticulous, efficient and helpful, and thanks to them, we were able to unpack everything and settle into our new home only two days after the move. If you are on the fence about hiring professional packers, do yourself a favour and hire PackUp. You definitely won’t regret it.”

    Charrisse Johnson
  • Hi Theresa and Hayley,

    This is a final formal note of great appreciation for the fabulous service you provided me on my house move. Your sensitivity to my needs has been especially helpful. The speed and efficiency of your team was effective whilst unobtrusive. I can truthfully say I could not imagine the move having been completed without PackUp behind (and before) me. Thank you.

    Ian Fraser
  • Sincere thanks to Theresa Cyster and Hayley Alexander in making ease of the trauma of us moving from one place to another.

    They made a stressful task so bearable and I had no qualms to entrust all of my belongings to them, knowing that their efficiency would ensure that all my belongings would reach my new home in a safe and sound condition. Their quick and confident packing, especially of my glassware and other items, readied us for for shipping and removal of all contents within a few hours. A task that I and so many people dread, was wrapped up in no time without let or hindrance. I can highly recommend them unequivocally to any person requiring to use such facilities.

    Shirley Jefthas
  • Thank you Pack Up for making our move a lot less stressful. A heartfelt thanks to Hayley and Theresa for taking care of our valuables, especially for the careful handling of some of our fragile items. Love how you packaged Graeme's vinyl collection. Most importantly, thank you for the excellent client service, your kindness throughout the process and going beyond what was expected of you. All of the best.

    Glamorine & Graeme
  • I needed to clear out my loft - a daunting prospect. PACKUP came to my rescue - helping me decide what to keep or sell, donate or throw away. The boxes I had decided to keep were put back in the loft, neatly labelled and accessible. It was a breeze and all done in three hours. I can highly recommend PACKUP and would definitely use their services again.

    Sally Coetzee
  • What a pleasure to have dealt with PACKup who realise that moving is not about just bits of furniture being moved. Thanks for a painless experience. Your attention to detail is amazing and your respect for one's goods is heartwarming. Thanks a thousand times.

    Graeme Hendricks
  • A huge thank you to Hayley and Theresa for the excellent packing and moving service! These ladies are supremely professional, beyond efficient. Love their regular check-ins and updates! Highly, highly recommended!

    Debra Barnes
  • PACKup is a professional personalised packing company who came to my rescue at very short notice. They took very good care in packing up my household. Given more time, they would have loved to have decluttered before packing up what was of importance and functional. I am very grateful for the assistance and will definitely utilise their services again, should the need arise.

    Cecile Ann Pierce
  • Hayley was my strength, I'm so so grateful to her. I'm following her advice not to stress to unpack boxes first take care of myself. Thank you wth unlimited gratitude, being available for our best interest. Be and stay blessed, with Gods guidance.

    (A Happy Client) Rondebosch
  • Thank you both (and the removals team) for unbelievable service. We really can't fault you on anything! I hope your business goes from strength to strength as it is clear you are in a league of your own.

    Siona O Connell
  • A huge thank you from the O’Connell family in assisting us with the move. Our appreciation is not only physically but emotionally as well and for taking such great care of Elaine and Pat throughout this process. -Warm regards,

    Florence and Sean
  • Well done to PACKup, Theresa & Hayley, for doing a phenomenal job of moving my 87 year old parents to their old age home. You gave them & myself peace of mind. You not only physically moved their lifetime of belongings but listened to their lifetime of memories, re-assured them that the move was a new beginning & took away a lot of their stress. You made it look easy. You made my life & their life easier. I will definitely recommend your business. Wishing you a successful 2020!

    Jill Rose
  • One of The hardest things I have done ever has been moving out of our family home. The second hardest has possibly been unpacking into a new space. Who knew a toaster held emotional baggage? Not only do they pack up, but they also unpack!!! And they are lovely. And they know where things should go! Warning: they will make you consider recycling the large collection of plastic forks...

    Penelope Perrin
  • Packing up a property is an emotional thing. We thought we would have one last chance to say good bye to our beloved investment property, but being based in Joburg, lockdown prevented us from that. Luckily Hayley and Theresa helped us through every step of the way. Professional packing, handling and moving company and cleaning up afterwards. They were proactive and professional and took good care of every detail. I would highly recommend them.

    Tina Bodill
  • Hi Hayley, This is to thank you and Theresa for the smooth, perfect and wonderful way in which you both moved me back into my home. I am truly grateful. With your perfectionism and attention to detail you will achieve the goals you are striving for. I wish you both all the success in the future. -Kind regards,

    Lynn Wilms
  • Theresa and Hayley were an absolute gift at a time when we didn′t have the physical or emotional capacity to uproot our lives again. They were organized and professional in their execution of the move and treated our possessions with the same care they would their own. They arrived early and before we knew it our lives were neatly packed up, labeled and ready to be dispatched to our new lives. I had my feet up with my newborn as we were settled into our new home just in time for the national lockdown. What a gift!

    David & Ndoni Isaacs
  • The PACKup team are formidable! They made what could have been a difficult moving experience painless, efficient and stress free. The care with which they handled, wrapped and boxed up the contents of our home, in record breaking time, was amazing! Seriously, they arrived in the morning, unfolded a table on which they arranged their packaging and tape, and when I looked again, there were 100 numbered, itemised and catalogued boxes. All the while smiling, and not breaking a sweat. I can′t recommend them highly enough! Trust women to get things ″moving″.

    Quanita Adams
  • Dear Theresa and Hayley Thank you so much for this update and the list – this is much appreciated. What is also extremely appreciated is the professional manner in which have conducted the move over the past few days – it has been a revelation to see how well organised you are and how you take control of what is a very stressful situation for those, like us, who are being moved.

    Colin & Elaine Levine

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